A Selling Technique That Gets Overlooked In Small Home Business

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The Art Of Communication – The Art Of Listeningart-of-listening

In small business your time is so precious because you have to do ALL the jobs that in larger enterprises get delegated to various other people. The problem that sometimes arises here is that the selling technique – The Art Of Listening – is often overlooked in the rush to get back to your work.

Why Listening Is So Important

If you stop and think about it the best way of finding out what your clients want is by hearing what they have to say! Funny that, isn’t it 🙂

When in a small home business you are not often face to face with your client base so it is important that when you get the opportunity to be face to face you ask them what they think about your products. Although they may be quite happy with what they have purchased they may also have other ideas that could be of great interest and benefit to you to.

Also a very good way to build client relationships is in your blog and can you try to get them to communicate with you by commenting on your products in your website. Ask questions and try to build up a community who is happy to communicate.

Learn to Ask Open Ended Questions

These are questions where they cannot give the answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Example: you have a red dress for sale.

Closed question: Do you like that shade of red?

Open ended question: I could not decide whether to use that shade of red, what is your favorite shade?

It may take some practice to start using open ended questions but if you remember that if you start questions with: who, when, what, why, how, it is impossible for them to properly answer with a yes or no.

Open ended questions build communication and when you can start communicating in an open fashion with your customers you have a much better chance to providing the product or service that they require.





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