Sharing On Pinterest: Set Your Boards Up to Grow Your Business

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sharing-on-pinterestPromoting Your Own Boards Through Sharing on Pinterest

Today when I was using Pinterest I was thinking that I would like to share with you a technique for pinning that helps promote your own boards more often.

Do you use Pinterest for business?

If you are using Pinterest for business then I assume you most likely have several boards with names using keywords that relate to your website.

For example, I have a board that is ‘Home Based Business Ideas and I have a number of other boards that start with ‘home business’  but have added keywords like ‘blogging, ‘facebook’, ‘start up’ and ‘social media’, all keywords that relate to a home business.

It is very important that you use the keywords in your board titles because Pinterest users search for topics just the same way as they do in Google or other social media platforms.

Also when you are adding a pin from your website or your computer ensure that it has a link back to your website. Check that before you start sharing. In the description of the pin make sure you insert at least one keyword.

Here are two sharing tips for growing your followers:

TIP 1: I call this the ‘Silent Strategy’

This is about maximizing your pin.  To get the best from your pin add it to one of your most popular boards. Instead of just redoing the same action and selecting another board take a different route.

NOW go into the board you initially posted to and from there pin into another or your own boards. This means that the pin is then being shared by me rather than just the one I saw in the home page originally. This does wonders for your own boards. When you pin to group boards use the same technique.


The reason for pinning to all of your boards is that you may have followers on some boards and don’t follow your other boards but by having your pins on all your boards they will find you through the internal linking that you do. Just like internal linking in your own website.

TIP 2: This is not a biggy, but before you pin hit LIKE as this will give the pin more credence when it hits your own board. The more your account is activated the higher profile you will have. The higher your profile the more Pinterest will move your pins to the top for more frequent exposure.









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