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Social Media For Your BusinessI think we are all aware that social media is here to stay, but let us not become blase about it because like all internet applications they change and evolve with time and there may come a time when what you have been doing for months, even years, is no longer effective. That could be because of the change in the social media application you are using or the fact that you have not kept up with your initial enthusiasm of finding new clients in your niche.

Will Social Media Cost Us

Take for example, there have been quite a few changes with it, even in the last year and there is talk that more is on the way. Are we always going to be able to use Facebook in the same way without a cost? Who knows? But I tend to think probably not, eventually.

Have these giants put out the bait and hooked us in only to make us pay in the end?

Be Prepared To Move To What Works For You

As mentioned above, for whatever reason you may find that you are not getting the results in a particular social media site so do keep abreast of what is happening in other sites and what sites would be the best for you and your business.

Take, for example, in the past four weeks I have four times more followers than at the beginning of turning my Pinterest site into a business site. Before that I was just enjoying the pics and doing a little work on my home business board.  But now I have a strong number of followers on my home business board and on the board for one of my other sites and without any other marketing at all have made sales through Kindle. (Notice the little block on the right showing my latest pins on my home business board, it changes every time I pin something to that board.)

Personally I find that I can go in there several times a day, spend 5 mins and get out and get much better results than from anything else I have done given the time spent.

I know this would not suit everyone of course, and it would depend on how you are making your money with your business site, but as mine is ebooks I find it a great source of finding new clients.

If you have a product site you can list items for sale and most certainly you can also list services. I encourage you to check it out.

Keep Tracking Your Results

It is a must that you keep tracking your results on social media when using it for business. If you don’t you can get hooked up in creating lots of friends (which is great) but friends that will not be your clients.  So make sure you have a business page and a private page.



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