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social-media-marketingSocial Media Marketing in Practice

If you are marketing online you will more than likely have at least one social media marketing account if not several more.

A question I ask you is: Are you active on all your social media accounts?

The reality is that most small business people tend to think of social media as somewhere to only promote their products. And personally, I have done this in the past as well. More than likely still do at times!

It is not necessarily done intentionally but in an attempt to get everything done as quick as possible as a sole business operator.

It is so easy as a home business owner to get stressed about getting your work done and your business marketed that you are tempted to take the shorter or quicker option and that is to spam your products rather than build a following by gaining trust.

The difference when using social media for your business is that you are attempting to find to new clients, but before they become clients they will need to trust you and know that you are going to give them good advice.

The people you meet on social media will want to see that you know your stuff and they will become your dedicated followers when they trust you. It does take time to build this relationship so don’t be disillusioned if you feel your effort is in vain. It will happen given time.

How to Benefit from Social Media

What you, as a home business owner, need to do about social media marketing is to:

  • take a step back
  • evaluate the time you have available to spend on social media
  • find out which platform/s you like to use (and why)
  • research where your ideal audience hangs out
  • choose one or two platforms on which to become well known

So for those who are operating a small home based business on their own the best way is to choose one or two sites that you like and which works well for you in reaching your target audience, be a constant presence and master those sites.

Try not to jump from site to site as it is your longevity on a site that will build trust and relationships. People will see your posts all the time and eventually they will start following you more closely.

When you Focus your Energy you get Results

When you only have say, only two sites to work you can do the necessary research and focus on making an in road. Here is what you can do to benefit from those sites:

  • make sure that your profile is fully completed
  • join groups that relate to your business
  • share information (that is your non-spamming information)
  • use attractive and enticing pictures and link back to your blog
  • share your successes and your failures (be human)
  • use attractive pictures to promote your products
  • offer giveaways (these are also used to build a database so make sure you have optin boxes for your giveaways)

The Social Media sites I use now

Given all this information I have gone back to Pinterest. I love the visual aspect and basically just the whole set up.

About a year ago I thought Facebook would be the answer and went back to it again! But no it is not for me unless I use my own page and communicate with my own followers. The marketing program is good if you use it selectively and pages are good if you give them the effort. But I don’t like the general chit chat as I find it time consuming when I am working and Facebook now repeat people you have shared before and many of your followers don’t even see your posts anymore.

I also like Twitter, but must say I am not the best at sharing and so forth and tend to spam there somewhat.  I set up my posts in Socialoomph.  This way I only have to edit them every two weeks and forget about them.  That works well for me. I find a lot of people are automated with Twitter so I am not sure how good it really is and how many people actually see and react to your Tweets.

If you have some comments to make about Social Media it would be great to see what you have to say in the comments.






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