How to Start A Business With No Money

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START A BUSINESS WITH NO MONEYYou might well ask if it is at all possible to start a business with no MONEY.

It may seem unrealistic to expect that you could start a business with no money but it really can happen! I am not expecting that you ‘have nothing’ but for example, if you are an experienced sewer you most likely have a sewing machine or two and in that case you could start a business ‘with no money’ or at least with no cash.

What you need to understand is that with no money it will be hard to kick off your business but there are lots of ways you can start and slowly grow your business into one that is producing a solid income.

Choosing the right business to start

There is one very important point that I cannot stress enough and that is: whatever you choose to do, do it because you love doing it!

There is nothing like waking up in the morning and feeling that you can’t wait to get out of bed and get to work because you love what you are doing.  Your passion rubs off on your business but it also rubs off on those around you.

We are going to look at many businesses that a person could start with no money or for as little as $100. If you follow the links attached to the various home business ideas listed below you will be able to get more information on any of those particular businesses and many tips to help you get up and going. We have listed the businesses under a generic heading so do click through for more detail.

  • dressmaker, sewer or machinist (there is a huge variety of ways to make money)
  • cake baking
  • cake decorating
  • gardener – maintenance and sell products, etc.
  • home maintenance – painter, plumber, etc
  • artist – we look at several ways to earn money in the art field
  • craft person
  • wood worker
  • child minder
  • fitness instructor
  • car mechanic
  • accounting/bookkeeping
  • health and beauty
  • writing
  • cleaning and other household tasks

Not all help is costly

Having been a business broker for 6 years I have a broad knowledge on many types of businesses and in my 35 years in business have had over 9 businesses myself and sometimes in partnership with other people. The business sizes have ranged from having a staff of 35 down to a one man band. Twelve of those 35 years have been operating home based businesses.

During all the years of business ownership I have learned many skills and I have made mistakes and learned from those and I have taken many courses in sales and marketing, website marketing and  have been an internet marketer now for 6 years learning from the very best in the internet marketing field.

I love learning, I love a challenge and if you start a business with no money I hope that you do too and look at your business as fun and something that you can grow into a money earning genie. If you keep a positive attitude it will help you get through the tough times.

Let me help you get there.

I have included in this article links to different topics that may help you decide what to do and if starting a home business is going to suit you.

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At Home Business Success Ideas we are formulating a series of training courses to help you overcome the problems of setting up a home business without the proper steps in place.

The Home Biz Cafe is our training site.





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