Start Working At Home and How To Keep Your Friends

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Home Business Lunch BreakWhen a person has decided to work from home and set up a home business the change is really quite dramatic to their home life and their total lifestyle.  Some people love the idea of having their own business at home and are quite surprised by the fact that after about 3 months or so they are starting to feel isolated.

Stay Connected With Friends

It is important for people to stay connected to friends when they decide to work from home and this can be more difficult than you think.  If, for example, you have been a person working in the city and all of a sudden don’t go there any more you will find that it takes a fairly major effort to stay connected to those people that you used to meet during the day for lunch.

A home based business owner also needs to make sure that they keep any social arrangements they have going as well, or sports club memberships.  It is at these types of places that many business contacts are made.

Isolate yourself and you isolate your business.  And that even applies to internet based businesses funnily enough. It is very easy to become single minded when you are isolated at home.

Managing A Lot Of Friends

At the other end of the scale you could have friends and family who think that now you are working at home that you can stop at any time for a cuppa if they call in to see you.  All you need is about 4 people doing this in one day and before you know it you could lose 3-4 hours of your precious work time.  That doesn’t mean you won’t do the work, but could mean that you will run behind deadlines or you will find yourself working at night.

How to Get Around Call Ins

If you do have special friends or family that you would like to catch up with during the day tell them that it would be best if you could meet them for a coffee or lunch because this way it will give you a chance to get out of the house to a change of environment which will do you the world of good and it will also mean that you can set the amount of time you give that meeting.

If coffee or lunch is not your thing, then arranging to go for a walk in the park, or even team up for early morning walks can work well.

Keep in mind that you need uninterrupted work hours to build a strong business.



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