How To Stay Motivated In Your Home Business

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Stay Motivated in Home BusinessLack of motivation is one problem that home based business owners face at certain times. People who are tied to the home can feel isolated and find it hard to motivate themselves into getting the work done that they should in order to make a success of their business.

A huge cause of de-motivation is the feeling of isolation.

How To Overcome The Feeling Of Isolation

While some people enjoy working on their own there are others who feel the need for regular social contact of others. For the latter group of people they need to think quite hard about whether working at home suits them and if they do really want to, or have to work at home because of family commitments for example, then it is best if they take steps to deal with the social aspect of their personality.

I know one could say “jump on Facebook” and that is fine if it is for business, but to jump on FB during your work day for social reasons will find you still sitting at the computer two hours later with no work done. In fact some people do get to feeling so isolated that they spend hours and hours on Facebook to the detriment of many other tasks they should be doing.

It would be better to make some coffee appointments or lunch breaks with some friends so that you can go out of the house for a while and come back nice and refreshed ready for work. The old saying. “a change is as good as a rest” is just so true.

Join Some Clubs

If you can’t get out during the day it might even be better to join up to some groups where you can go out and socialize at night and this way you could also do some networking.  You would then be ‘killing two birds with one stone.’ You could join social clubs like Lions or Toastmasters, or you could join something like a painting group or a softball club.

Of course, you will work out what will suit your schedule, family lifestyle and so forth to get the best from your breaks away.

If you find that you can’t get the time for clubs then a walk during the day will do wonders, especially if you have children at home with you. Take time to stop and have a drink in the park or a coffee along the way.

Not Feeling Lonely, But Still Not Motivated

We all need motivation at times and it is a good idea to keep either on your computer or in a hard file, a swipe file with copies of information and motivational pieces that you collect over time so that you can go back and get yourself going again.

Sometimes people keep material that is purely motivational, and at other times people keep copies of work from other people so that when they are unmotivated or stuck for an idea they can cruise through this swipe file and before they know their mind is ticking over and coming up with ideas of their own.

Or you might want to bookmark your favorite motivation videos, music or even photos so that you can click on those and put a smile on your face.

I have several photos on my screen so that when I need a laugh I look at my young grandson who is so funny and when I want to feel warm and fuzzy I look at my wee grand daughter.  Little things like this can brighten up your day.

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10 thoughts on “How To Stay Motivated In Your Home Business

  1. Great reminders for home based entrepreneurs ! you can get so wrapped up with your ambitions, that it becomes easy to become a bit of a recluse, and it is important to schedule in some social time.

  2. I’m one of those people who doesn’t mind the isolation of working from home – in fact I prefer it. But you do still need to keep motivated and taking breaks, getting out of the house and yes, even meeting others to brainstorm and compare strategies is still needed too.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas 🙂
    Jan Kearney recently posted..Sunday Catch Up – Wonderful WordPress EditionMy Profile

    1. Pleasure Jan. I too love working at home, but every now and then I like to be out and around the traps catching up with people.

    1. It can take quite a bit of self-motivation to get going again if you down when you are a home business owner. Keeping the long term goal in mind is so important.

  3. I would think financial need would keep folks motivated, but I totally understand. Even at my not-at-home business my efforts can wax and wane. I like the idea of the visual aids since I, for one, am very visual. I also like lists. Lists, lists, lists and a calendar. I love crossing off something I get done. However, it is often replace with TWO things for the one, lol.
    Carolina HeartStrings recently posted..STRAWBERRY-ORANGE SMOOTHIEMy Profile

    1. You definitely mentioned some good points. Isolation can play a big role in motivation home business owners. That face to face contact can do wonders when the heart is low.

  4. Dealing with that sense of isolation is a big one for people like me who work on the internet. It’s one of the reasons I take classes or join mastermind groups.

    There are also folks around the house that I chat with during the day or have lunch or dinner with. It helps to have a people break every now and then.
    Julia Neiman recently posted..Am I Crazy or What?My Profile

    1. Breaks with a home business is so important and often overlooked when we are extra busy. But not taking a break can have a negative affect after a time. Nothing like face to face talks with others.

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