There’s Nothing Like Determination To Succeed In Business

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home business determinationAs I have been writing in several of my last blog posts, I have been writing and loading ebooks into various publishing sites.

Determination to Succeed

Last night I tried 7 times to load an ebook into and each time it was not coming up right. In the end I left it and went to bed.  Good decision don’t you think?

So today it was time to try again. After another 3 attempts I finally got it right!

This really brought home to me the fact that when posed with a problem we have to keep at it until we get it right.

It is the same when posed with business problems. Sometimes they seem to be overwhelming and at other times they seem unsolvable. But experience has shown me that if you keep trying to get the result you are after, you more often than not will what you want, and in some cases even do better than expected.

The reason that you often do better is because along the way to solving the problem you have also discovered other issues that have helped, issues that you did not even know about before.

Think Laterally

When faced with problem solving issues try to keep an open mind because you may find several solutions but which offer a variety of end results. Not only that I find that when I am trying to find the answer to one problem I am often exposed to other great ideas that I can use in my business as well.

I saw a post in Facebook yesterday by a lady who wanted to know if there was anyone training business owners on finding new ideas. If you keep an open mind within your business and about your products or services you will often find just the answer you are looking for.

If you keep focused on improving or expanding your business then you will find it quite incredible as to where you will find those ideas:

Don’t be frightened or worried when looking for solutions, start searching and assess the answers put before you. Sometimes it can take a day or two to solve a problem or sometimes even months. It is amazing how much our sub-conscious works when we are not consciously thinking about a problem.

Recently I wanted to find a name for my new coaching website and for days I just could not find a name that was not already taken but lo and behold I was driving out one day and saw a word that caught my attention and immediately I had a name I wanted and when I checked it was available – The Home Biz Cafe.

These things are not coincidence it is the sub-conscious mind being active and picking up on your thoughts and feeding you information. You always hear people say to someone with a problem, “sleep on it and see what you think in the morning” and that is because your sub-conscious works away while you are sleeping.

You may find that you have to change direction and that is OK too as long as you break the change down into small steps and make sure they are going to work for you before launching yourself into the change full on.








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