Social Media for Home Business

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Social Media is a must for business marketing What way can we, as business owners, use social media for home business? The words SOCIAL MEDIA are common words thrown around today when people are talking online communication. Not only is social media for connecting with friends but it has become one of the most popular cheaper ways to market a business online. I have listed below 15 of the most […]

How Will Business Marketing Keep You Afloat

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The statistics for longevity with small businesses is not great and that is why small business owners need to make it a priority to self-educate themselves about all facets of their business. Home based business owners fall into this category too. You know, one of the main reasons that small business owners fail is often referred to as the lack of funds, but here is the question: “Were the funds […]

Be Innovative and Creative with Your Home Based Business

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One of the things I love about being a home business person is the fact that I can benefit from my own innovative and creative ideas.  In the workforce you may be creative but unless someone further up the line has similar ideas they may not appreciate what you have come up with. This can be quite soul destroying at times and over a long period of time can actually […]

How To Find the Difference In Your Home Business To Rocket Your Income

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I was reading this article from written by Jeff and I was going to break it down for my readers but in the end decided to use the whole article because I think it has been so well written and explains exactly what I have been talking about when I refer to finding your unique selling point (USP). It is when you can find this difference in your home […]

The Power Of Email Marketing

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In my blog How To Promote Your Blog Post With A Marketing Plan I mention that email marketing to your database is right up there as one of the most important steps to promoting your blog. So let’s look at some of the questions asked about having a database. What is your database, exactly? Well, it is a list of people who have logged into something you are offering through an […]

Effective Advertising Ideas For A Small Home Business

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ONLINE AND OFFLINE ADVERTISING IDEAS No matter what the nature and scope of your online business is, you will always need to come up with fascinating and beneficial advertising ideas for a small business that you run. As home based businesses have no physical front door then marketing is essential. But let’s be clear what marketing is. It is the all encompassing of your brand, your name in the market […]