6 Home Based Business Ideas for the over 50’s

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Who says that people over 50 are only limited to slouching on the couch while watching TV or lying in bed all day long? Show them all that this stereotype is wrong and people beyond fifty can still manage to make a substantial amount of money! By the time you have reached 50 you have many valuable insights into life and may have trained in a variety of fields. If […]

12 Marketing Skills for Home Based Business Owners

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Developing Marketing Skills Of course there are many reasons why people go into their own home business but I would estimate that very few go into it because they are great marketers. More is the pity for them though because marketing skills are one of the essentials of having a successful business. If it is not a love of yours then you need to get your head around the fact […]

Effective Advertising Ideas For A Small Home Business

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ONLINE AND OFFLINE ADVERTISING IDEAS No matter what the nature and scope of your online business is, you will always need to come up with fascinating and beneficial advertising ideas for a small business that you run. As home based businesses have no physical front door then marketing is essential. But let’s be clear what marketing is. It is the all encompassing of your brand, your name in the market […]