Repricing Your Product Or Service

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Blindly we keep working away at our business whilst price increases are going unnoticed. Before our every eyes electricity prices are going up, memberships are increasing, communications are increasing in price, along with software and hardware for our computers. Never mind that people who carry stock have repeated increases in stock. Have your home business overheads gone up?  In a previous article I talked about not sitting back in your […]

11 Dynamic Steps for Growing a Home Business

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Picture this. You have already started your home business, but now you are lacking vision or direction in terms of how to expand your business. You’re confused about where to go from now? Not only that but you feel that your business is stagnating and that the competition is getting away on you. Well, luckily for you, this article will provide you with all the solutions to the problems of […]

Costing Your Homemade Products For Sale

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For the purpose of this exercise we will look at physical products you make as one item and services as another. If you have a business of any sort at all you have overheads, whether or not you like it. The beauty about having a home based business is that some of your home expenses are tax deductible and these are worked out on a pro rata basis, in other […]