How To Give The Ultimate Customer Service Experience

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The Ultimate Customer Service ExperienceA Step You Shouldn’t Miss In Good Customer Service Experience

Today I went to a shop that has wonderful items for home decor, gifts, craft, and a list of other niches. The products are beautifully displayed and I just love going and browsing, but of course, it doesn’t end at that, I always buy something because they have so much to offer in the types of items I love.

BUT today I thought how this one step in customer service lets down this shop that I adore.  This has happened before too and what it is, is the fact that the young sales assistant does not complete the customer service experience.

Customer Service Experience

The young lady is very busy putting out and pricing stock and most of the time she is here on her own. What I find happens is that because she is so focused on getting the shop right and so busy putting out stock that when she comes to the counter she is only ‘partly with you’. By that I mean, she gives quick and efficient service with a smile, but what is lacking?

Interact With Your Customers

Communication! That is what is lacking. Admittedly she will talk to you if you instigate a conversation, but then a bit stilted at that. What doesn’t happen is her making me feel welcome as a valued customer.

Today I left the shop not having had ‘the ideal customer experience’.

How To Win Your Customers Over

You know it really does not take much effort to make your customer feel special. All you have to do is ask one or two questions, as in the instance of this shop:

  • So is this a wedding gift?
  • That is a nice color, is it for yourself?
  • What are you going to make with this?

Just simple questions like this will make your customer feel that you are interested in them as a person not just as a ATM. It will encourage a short but pleasant two way conversation and encourage the buyer to visit again because they did have ‘the ideal customer experience’.

It does not matter whether you have a physical business or an online business, make sure that you complete the sale so that your customer wants to come back. You want your customers to be beating a track back to your door with more business and they will if they feel welcome.

Did you know that it is not necessarily the stock that will keep getting you the business but the ‘customer experience’ that will keep your customers coming back!


Kaye Dennan is an experienced home business owner/online marketer of 7 years with a further 25 years as a small business owner. Her latest Kindle ebook is HOME BUSINESS IDEAS FOR WOMEN OF ALL AGESKaye has started a Home Business series to help home based business owners.



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