Have You Ever Turned A Hobby Into A Business

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Turn A Hobby Into A Business
My Own Favorite Russian Folk Art Piece

What I love about the idea of turning a hobby into a business is the fact that you already love what you do. Let’s face it, we only take on hobbies that we enjoy, don’t we?

I have done this several times and the ventures have certainly been wonderful experiences. I must admit that I did not put much research into them at the time and I am sure I should have, but at the time I was just looking to enjoy myself every day and make a little bit of spending money to tide me over.

One business I had like this was a ceramic business. I poured my own molds, painted and fired the products.  To sell these products I set up a seller who was keen to do party plan. I loved that business and could have worked at it all day to the exclusion of everything else.

Another one that I started actually started from this same business and that was teaching folk art. I turned part of my ceramic studio into an art studio and I had a folk art teacher come and teach. As time went on I had to perfect my painting skills and teach the beginners because that teacher could not give me any more time for the that level of learning. I spent several years with folk art and even learned how to do Russian folk art.

I found the Russian folk art very intense and the brush control that we had to have was amazing. I never thought that I could develop such a skill and I actually ended up with 7 pieces of lovely Russian art pieces that I just love. The treasure chest in the picture is my favorite.

Have You Got A Hobby You Want Turn Into A Business?

As I said, at this stage of my business life I was not too concerned about the income I made, although it actually was not too bad, but let me warn you that turning a hobby into a business does need some research to make sure that there is a market for what you are selling.

In other words, if you are going to sell a finished product make sure that there is an ongoing buying market for your product, or if you are going to have a teaching studio check that there is a good supply of potential students, people who want to learn that skill.

Keep in mind that some hobbies do not last in vogue, so you either need to be ready to change with the trend, or ensure that you have several options open for continued income.

Even if you are not turning a hobby, but a strong interest like organic food, into a business remember to do your research and look at the longevity of the business type.

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2 thoughts on “Have You Ever Turned A Hobby Into A Business

  1. I know a lot of people who turned their hobby into a business and it was great… for a while. When doing something you enjoy changes from being a labor of love to simple labor it gets a lot less fun. Don’t let yourself get to that point! If you find yourself no longer enjoying your hobby, it may be time to re-examine what you’re doing.
    Amanda Thomas recently posted..If You Were Face to Face With an Experienced Product Creator, What Would You Ask Them?My Profile

    1. That’s right Amanda. There is a big difference doing something when you feel like doing it, as opposed to doing it because you have to. That is when diversity may help.

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