What Is Your Unique Selling Point (USP)

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Unique Selling Point (USP)If you have not been in business before you may wonder what a Unique Selling Point (USP) is.

As you are aware there are many similar types of business and when you are competing against other similar businesses you need to differentiate yourself and how you do that is by having Unique Selling Point.  In other words, something that is unique to your business alone.

Depending on the particular factors relating to your business you may be able to:

  • create a USP in terms of a product
  • if you are in a service business you may be able to give an add-on service that your competitors do not

When you have a USP it is a very strong selling point for your business and is one that should be promoted in any marketing that you do. It is a good idea to use it as they by-line in your advertising. For example at the top of the page you see ‘Home Business Success Ideas’ but the by-line says ‘Success Tips For Work At Home Business Owners.’

Or another example for a manufacturing business is: ‘Cute As Pie Clothing’ with the by-line USP as ‘Pink Clothing For Little Girls Size 00 to Age 3.’

Other USP Ideas

  • a gardener might offer a free shrub once a month for a client who takes out a gardening contract with him
  • a candle maker may have designed a particular shape that is very popular and they can promote that as their unique design
  • a pool cleaner may offer a free extra service every three months
  • a mobile hairdresser may offer a free cut every 7 cuts

You can see by adding these little bonuses to your marketing you can create attention and keep your clients coming back to your business.  If you have built up a loyal customer base you may think of something new every so often and offer that to your older clients and see if they want to change to the new bonus.

The point is, if you can add-on on value for your client, but which does not cost you a lot of extra money then you will build a loyal customer base.

Home Based Beauty BusinessSo when you print up a brochure or a business card you can add a slogan/byline:

“Get Your Hair Cut 7 Times By Trish and

Feel Beautiful with a Free Shampoo and Cut.”

Obviously with these types of customer incentives you need to keep good paperwork or even better offer your client a loyalty card that you can initial.

We all love a bonus and made to feel special so these loyalty types of UPS ideas do work wonders.





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