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Website SEOFrom 2012 it has become more and more important for home business owners to improve website SEO. There have been many changes over the past number of years and it seems that home business site owners can no longer keep up with SEO changes and algorithm changes, especially in Google.

What Website SEO is Needed?

What everyone does agree with is the fact that a website needs to have quality content on it and it needs to have content put on the website on a regular basis.

Some say content should be posted every day, some say several times a day and others say 2-3 times a week. The thing is that putting a blog on your site is no longer just a matter of adding content. A blog post needs to be optimized for the search engines and it also needs to be marketed. These steps alone take some considerable time.

Gone are the days of just throwing a quick 300 word blog post together and popping it up on the site.

Optimizing A Website

The consensus is that a website still needs to have keywords used in optimal positions to ensure that it is found by the search engines and all content placed on the website should be keyword rich (but not keyword stuffed).

The back end of a website also needs to be optimized and this is very important. This is the part of a website which is not seen by the public. The search engine crawlers find this information and this information needs as much care as does a well written article.

All In One SEO is a plugin that I have used all the time over the years, but this year I have started using Yoast SEO. Yoast is the most complete WordPress SEO plugin and this helps tremendously in optimizing for search engine discovery as it guides you what to do and what to fix.

Single Keywords vs Long Tail Keywords

There are ‘keywords’ and ‘keywords’. Duh!   By that I mean there are keywords that you think of straight away with your product or service but when you are working on the internet you need to take your keyword research to a much deeper level than the first keyword you think of.

For example, for this website you would think of “home business” as a keyword but it is too generic, so for example I focus on other long tail keywords such as:

  • “home business ideas”
  • “home business ideas for women”
  • “home business for women”
  • “home business ideas for men”
  • “home business marketing”
  • “home business startup”

‘Home business’ is a very popular search term with huge competition so to define my site more I need to use ‘long tail keywords’ so that I have a better chance of being found by people wanting more specific information.

You can see that when you make your keyword more specific the number of pages that you are up against for rankings in the search engines is so much smaller. This is what you need to work out so that your website can quickly climb up through the rankings with certain keywords which will find you the customers that will buy from you given your business expertise.

With this site I realize that I am in a very popular niche and I expect that it will take me some time to get really good rankings but I am very pleased so far with what I have achieved.  On the other hand I have other sites which are not in popular niches and I have been able to rank on Google first page within 2 weeks for well selected keywords.

Where is Website SEO Required

A website needs optimizing in every area and here is a list of most of them:

  • headers
  • meta tags
  • pages
  • posts
  • categories
  • pictures
  • internal links
  • external links
  • use of keywords in titles and text

Blog Mastery

In my early days of blogging there were so many fewer sites than there are today – 11 years now I have been blogging. In those days the demand for website SEO was hardly even mentioned. It was quite simple to get good page ranks within just a few weeks but as time has gone on and there are literally thousands more sites being made every day, being found is becoming more and more difficult.

I have a 9 week course set up to help home business owners overcome their website SEO problems. The reason that it is a NINE WEEK COURSE is because to fix up a site while still running a business takes quite some effort. This is a hands-on course, make no mistake about it.

But when you see the results you will be amazed.

Here is an outline of what is in the course:

  • Your Business And Your Blog
  • Setting Up Your Blog
  • How to Get Your Blog Ranked with the Search Engines
  • Plan Your Blog And Your Content Mix
  • How To Make Your Posts Interesting
  • Keep Blogging Under Pressure
  • Using Your Blog To Create Buyers – Part 1
  • Using Your Blog To Create Buyers – Part 2
  • How To Market Your Blog


blog mastery course with website SEO

I have included in this article a lot of links to different topics that may help you decide what to do and if starting a home business is going to suit you.

The Home Biz Cafe

At Home Business Success Ideas we are formulating a series of training courses to help you overcome the problems of setting up a home business without the proper steps in place.

The Home Biz Cafe is our training site.









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4 thoughts on “Website SEO For Better Exposure

  1. Kaye,
    Yes, content has and always be important for search engine optimization. And, the basics regarding where to place your keyword phrases is one thing that has remained consistent over time even though Google’s algorithms change often.
    After getting calls from prospects saying “my site doesn’t show up for keywords” and then going to those sites and seeing that the keywords were nowhere to be found in the content, I started writing and speaking about optimizing content for keywords.
    As you pointed out, it’s best to optimize for a phrase that is more specific to your business rather than compete for a broad phrase that results in millions of search results.
    Thanks. ~Debra
    Debra Jason recently posted..24 Things You Don’t Know About Me After 24 Years in BusinessMy Profile

    1. Totally agree with you Debra as far as optimizing each blog post, but the most important parts to be optimized are the Header title, the header tag, meta tag and meta description. Without these being optimized even content that has been optimized misses the best results.
      Thanks for commenting.

        1. That’s right Debra. There are a number of critical places and so many bloggers do not realize that which all adds up to them being disillusioned with their results. Regards, Kaye

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