Where To Find Your Ah-ha-ha Moment

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Business InspirationWhere Do You Get Your Inspiration From?

Being able to dial up ‘inspiration‘ at a moments notice can be quite difficult for some, but if you know the techniques it will be so much easier.

I have found over time that when I find that I am feeling uninspired it is best to keep on with what I am doing.  It never ceases to amaze me where my inspiration may come from.

So where do these ideas come from?

  • A no brainer for writing blogs or articles is to search the article directories under your keywords. This way I can usually find something to write about in just a few minutes. Often it is just a sentence or title that will kick in my memory in to find a topic that I had been thinking about for some time but had not put to paper yet. Of course, if you go down this path, never repeat the same content or title – that is not good for you or the original writer, just use it to write your own content.
  • Another time I might see something on TV which is a news item covering something about home business, marketing or selling and the topic entices me to write about it after hearing the news.
  • It might be a picture in a magazine that makes my mind think of a topic that I would like to cover.
  • Seeing another product of an internet marketer might entice me to do my own on a similar topic but with a different twist.
  • When listening to conversations of fellow marketers or business owners you can often hear some frustration about a certain topic that they cannot find good information about
  • Ask your database to send you topics that they want to know more about

What you need to do is let your subconscious mind work

That is right, when you are not working, don’t shut down your subconscious mind! Let it work away behind the scenes and inspire you. Let it find ideas and topics for you to write articles, blogs, ebooks or other content that you wish to share.

If you have a strong focus on your business you will be amazed just how much your subconscious mind will find the information you require.  It will hit you like one of those Ah-ha-ha moments and if you are committed there will be no looking back.



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