Personality Influences Work At Home Success

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Personality Affects Work At Home SuccessHow does your personality affect your business decisions?

It may be surprising to you but personalities do play quite a major role in the long term success of a home based business. Your personality could affect your business in more ways than you imagine. You might wonder why, but personalities actually play quite a big role in our lives over all.

Not only can your personality affect your sales success but it can have quite a dramatic affect on how you fair working at home on your own and how you operate your business.  We are all different (thank goodness) and we all like and dislike different work conditions so it pays to think through these influences when starting out with a home based business.

Personality Influences What You Might Do

There are people who like to work on their own and who are a little more introverted, and actually enjoy their own company.  In fact these people often like working in the creative field and when working on their own they feel they are much more creative because they can focus on what they are doing.  These people could be artists, writers, gardeners, sewers, or any of the other creative fields that require deep concentration.

On the other hand there are people who have a much more social personality and unless they can find a business working at home, but which could involve working with a group of people, they can actually struggle working at home alone.  My husband is like that, he loves having his own business at home but he is a ‘social bunny’ and unless he can get out there and have a chat on a frequent basis he starts getting quite restless.

Whether consciously or subconsciously, our personalities do influence our success when we run a business at home and we do need to be aware of the strengths in our personalities and also the weaknesses.

Looking at the long term of earning money from working at home, it does pay to think about these personality traits otherwise you might get six months down the track with your business and wonder why all is not going well. If it is the personality problem, it is usually easy to reorganize your business and ensure a better outcome.

Those that like being on their own can isolate themselves quite happily and those that are more social can arrange to have help with their business or can join groups that will take them out of the home a couple of times a week.

Personalities Also Takes A Role With Selling

They say that artists make poor sales people and the reason is that they have put so much of themselves into the work that they know all the faults and therefore think the value is not there. Or on the other hand they have put so much into it that they want to charge too much. Also if a prospective buyer makes a negative comment about it they can get upset rather than gloss it over the comment.

So if you intend selling your own products do think about those comments and assess whether you should be doing the selling or be paying someone else to sell them.

Negative comments or complaints don’t affect those in some types of businesses but even so the handling of a complaint or negative comment does need to be handled in the right way.

What influences have you had in your business as regards your personality?





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