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Sometimes You Just Have to Stop Doing It and Market It

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write press releaseI have to admit that I do not find marketing particularly exciting. After over 30 years in business I don’t think it is just a matter of being burnt out (could be – coming up with new ideas is not always easy!) but in truth I think it is because I am a ‘doer’. I like creating, whether it be art works, writing, painting, sport or whatever and marketing doesn’t come under the heading of ‘doing’ for a ‘doer’.

Marketing Your Products or Service

The truth is though, that really marketing is ‘doing’ and is a very important role in any business. I have proved that to myself once again. In the past 2 weeks I have tried to be more pro-active in marketing my ebooks and to date for the month I am 100% up on my previous best month.

How do you go in your business? Do you bury your head (as I am often prone to do) and get so excited about your products that you don’t take the time out to market them?

When you have a new business you really want to do your marketing for next to nothing don’t you. The more you can do that is free the better for your bottom line, i.e. if that marketing is bringing the sales.

When you make that conscious decision to market your product write up your marketing in an Excel spreadsheet so that you know when you marketed, what you marketed in, and what you actually marketed if you have several items to focus on.

Press Releases

This last set of marketing I am doing is in the form of press releases and my Excel sheet has the number and name of the press release, a list of directories that I am submitting to and then I write up the dates they are being released. The purpose of numbering and writing up the dates and who they are submitted to is because if you write a press release, or get one written for you, it can be used to submit to several directories. But to do this it is a good idea to do no more than two at a time. When you have all the directories listed down you can spread that same press release out over a period of six months or more.

Each time you submit it, do change the title and change some of the text so that it appears a little fresh each time.

Here are the names of the directories I am using at the moment:

PR Buzz

Free Press Release


Ignite Point



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