11 Steps to Writing A Press Release

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Developing a BrandA press release is a very strong way to promote your product or service. It will often attract the attention of a person who would not normally come across your other marketing efforts.

What is a Press Release

As explained in my earlier article a press release is an information based written piece, about 350-500 words about a product or service. The purpose is to inform about the product such as its make up, its purpose, any upgrade it has had or anything of a physical nature. It is not a sales pitch.

Start Writing the Press Release

Below I have copied into the post a press release I had written by Andrea Kemp, a friend and professional press release writer, in June this year for the promotion of a range of children’s ebooks. The image is of the top of the page before the content. I will run through vital points for you to be sure that should be included in a press release you write.

  1. a logo which may or may not be included by the agency
  2. name and contact details
  3. the time for release
  4. title – make the title something that get them to sit up and take notice – if it can be newsworthy then all the better
  5. a lead in paragraph
  6. the date of the release and a little about the author to tweak interest
  7. two highlighted sections of interest – bullet points are also a good idea
  8. right towards the end your sales pitch with links included
  9. conclusion – make it interesting
  10. About the Author
  11. finish with ### which lets the publisher know that this is the end

When writing your own press release check it very carefully to ensure that you are not selling during the body of the article because it will not be released if you do.  That alone, can be quite difficult for someone who is used to spelling out all the benefits of their products or service all the time.

It is just a matter of getting your head around it, taking your time and going over it and over it until you are happy with it.



Scooter Goes Digital: Retiree-come-author Dennan Fulfills Author Dreams with E-Book Launch

Exclusive Kindle Promotion to introduce savvy young tablet readers to adventures, Scooter the Camel
March 14, 2013 – John Dennan has always been a gifted story teller—just ask his wife, children, or any of his grandchildren. Unfortunately, the demands of 28-year career in real estate didn’t allow the author-at-heart the chance to pen the many books alive in his mind.

Creation Of Children’s eBooks

But a break in his work brought an end to his halted writing dreams—and brought to life Scooter the Camel. Before he knew it, Dennan had penned eight titles on the adventurous young mammal, whose many adventures are shared with a slew of characters (most of which, Dennan admits, are inspired after members of his own family). 

Dennan’s wife, Kaye, notes that, once her husband began telling of the travels of Scooter and his cohorts, there really was no stopping him.

“John’s got a broad imagination,” Kaye Dennan notes. “For years I had said, ‘you should write, your imagination is just unbelievable.’  He started writing and hasn’t stopped since. So it’s really just something he’s developed a recent passion for.”

Youngsters Are Taking To Digital Reading

John Dennan wasn’t about to go into publishing without some research. He found that more than 50 percent of U.S. youngsters are taking to the tablet to do their reading—and one third of these voracious young readers are picking up their electronic books more than once a day. Savvy to the incredible statistics of young readers moving into the world of literature via Kindle, he knew exactly how to launch his books.

“The explosion of youngsters on tablets is incredible,” Dennan said. “It’s great to see youngsters using technology to help expand their minds and their love of reading. Knowing the Scooter the Camel can be a part of this magnificent trend is something that makes me very proud indeed.”

All of Scooter’s adventures are now up on Kindle. Starting on Wednesday, 13-17 March, Kindle is encouraging current (and future) fans of Scooter the Camel to take advantage of an exclusive, five-day promotion. For five days, readers can download the first two titles in the series, Scooter the Camel: Meet Scooter’s Family  and Scooter and His Friends Find A Genie at no cost. Kindle owners simply need to visit Dennan’s Kindle site to access all the titles.

With nearly 30 titles under way, Dennan admits he really only has one problem on hand– staffing.

“I may need to hire a secretary!” The author notes with a chuckle.

About the Author: John Dennan is a retired real estate agent and long-running lover of story-telling. In the past year, John has used his new found free time to create a compelling series of children’s books, centered round an adventurous young camel named Scooter. John is attracting young e-readers through his eight published Scooter series titles, which are featured on his Amazon author site, http://amazon.com/author/johndennan. Why not leave him a comment on his own author site, http://johndennanchildrensauthor.com and let him know what characters your children like to read about.   John has many more short stories for children in the bank and looks forward to adding them to his collection as soon as they are edited.

###” by Andrea Kemp – Press Release Expert Writer

If you have any questions just contact me through this link or make a comment below and I will reply.



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